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  • Teacher of Mathematics with Master of Science

  • M.S. in Education

  • NY State Professional Teacher Certification

  • More than 10 Years of Teaching/Tutoring Experience

Subject Areas Include
  • Arithmetic

  • Algebra I-II

  • Geometry

  • Trigonometry

  • Linear Algebra

  • Precalculus

  • Calculus

  • Statistics

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math is math

MATH IS MATH LLC is a teaching service, specialized in mathematics education.
The goal is to provide effective, quality teaching that establishes solid math foundations for life.
MATH IS MATH provides professional support for the areas of mathematics,
through the university level.
The method of teaching is focused on understanding, the principle of positive reinforcement and at the same time it applies a holistic approach to math.
Science has proven the importance of mathematical skills.
"School-entry math skills are a stronger predictor of later academic achievement than early reading or socio-emotional skills." (Duncan et al., 2007). "Low mathematical competence is associated with lower indices of life success." (Parsons and Bynner, 2005).

Mathematics is not just a subject in school, but one of the most effective tools to establish the logical, reasonable thinking (what is so important in life management).

MATH IS MATH provides an open environment where students can explore mathematics with the leadership of a professional math teacher.

Making the learning process for students as easy as possible is important. At the same time, setting the goals low just to avoid challenge is uneffective. This is why establishing a proper objective in math education is one of the most important principles.

Also, it is really important to make sure, students understand that learning something is not a sign of "I'm not smart enough because I don't know this" but a natural process of improvement. Every one of us started somewhere. Even Einstein. Learning something from a teacher is just as natural as learning how to speak from our parents. This is why pedagogy and honest conversations are important parts of the MATH IS MATH method as mathematics itself.


When students face a new math problem, first, a teacher has to teach them how to understand it, then break the problem down into pieces, then discover different tools to find a solution. A solution that comes from their own understanding not just from copying. This is the way that will lead them to exciting learning discoveries of their own. This process can make mathematics fun and exciting, not just a boring subject. MATH IS MATH aims to foster the desire for learning, mistakes are not a proof of personal failure rather a sign that shows the space for possible improvement.


MATH IS MATH class structures are always dependent on the individual's needs. The teaching method always considers both the personality and the attributes of the student. There is no magic method that can solve each student's problem using the same process. Everyone is unique and requires a unique, personalized curriculum.

When a pupil sets a goal for her/himself, there is nothing else just her/his intentions! A teacher can help to realize these personal wills. The goal is always self improvement, the tool can be mathematics.


This is what MATH IS MATH has been providing for unique individuals. Using and improving the best teaching methods available, emphasizing the communication between parents, students and teacher, and keeping the fun part in learning.

With one metaphor : Providing Foundations for Life.

MATH IS MATH also puts emphasis on the following qualities:

  • responsible

  • committed

  • patient

  • self-restrained

  • resourceful

  • organized

  • precise

  • deliberate

  • tenacious

  • logical

  • trustworthy

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

Where do you teach?

MATH IS MATH lessons can be held in Brooklyn Heights, where the tutoring office is located, or in your home.

Where is the office located?

300 Cadman Plaza West, 12th floor

One Pierrepont Plaza

Brooklyn, NY, 11201

Do you offer package discounts?

Yes ! Request a free consultation by e-mail or phone, and ask for details personally.

When is payment due?

Payment is due in advance of the class. This will reserve your scheduled time.

How can I pay?

Cash, check or PayPal.

What is your cancellation policy?

At least 48 hours before the class: free.

Less than 48 hours before the class: 50% of the scheduled session.

No show: 100% of the scheduled session.


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