" I highly recommend Attila as a math tutor. Without exaggeration, our life had changed for the better, once he started to work with my ten year old son - who is bright, but often inattentive to key details.Checking his homework and trying to clean up confusion was tearfully frustrating each evening.


He started to work with Attila twice a week and things turned around. There was no more late-day misery - my son actually picked the tutoring sessions as his favorite part of the day... Attila has the patience to explain things. He is calm, finds where the thought process is going wrong and breaks tasks down into smaller, manageable steps. He devises practice exercises that are needed to solidify skills before moving on. He was able to help my son discover his stumbles in word problems and calculations - without tears and aggravation.


My piece of mind in the evenings - priceless. My son's increasing self confidence with math problems - the cherry on top. His scores went to 100% on the year-end test.I asked how Attila helped him with math and my son summed it up like this: "He's a good teacher - always stays calm. There is a bigger chance to remember what you learned with him, than in school". "

     "Attila started tutoring my daughter in mathematics from January 2014. We asked Attila for tutoring because her teacher was not able to explain math effectively in class and we were not able to help. My daughter often did not understand the teacher's explanations. Many times we had to look for answers online to help her solve her homework. This struggle was enough for her to get 75-85% on her tests. She hated mathematics.


After two weeks of working with Attila, results started to show. On her next test, she received a 96%! She was happy and started to understand math. Her final grade at the end of the year was 4, the best grade. Attila helped my daughter understand and enjoy mathematics. We are thankful.


We believe that the reason for this dramatic change in our daughter's grades and general attitude toward math was not only because of Attila's knowledge of mathematics but also because of his calm demeanor, patient approach and positive outlook. All of these impressive attributes gave our daughter the confidence and great attitude to succeed and it instilled in her a very strong work ethic too. We would whole heartedly recommend Attila to anyone who asked us for a terrific teacher."

- Moni,  Brooklyn

- Vali, Queens


     "Attila is a very talented, thoughtful and engaging tutor. He has helped motivate my daughter ​who is not a fan of Math - and get her thinking about strategies that can apply to others areas as well like LIFE!

Highly recommend him!"

- April,  Tribeca


     "Attila has been our 12 year old son's tutor for 4 months. Our son was diagnosed with ADHD and currently receives home instruction.

Attila has kept him focused and has come up with effective suggestions to keep him motivated. Working closely with us (the parents), Attila assessed our son, quickly determined strengths and weaknesses, and made a little miracle happen - our son always looks forward to his math class, does his assigned homework without question, and has learned a lot in a short time.


We are very grateful and can highly recommend Attila. He is intelligent, patient, empathetic and effective - we couldn’t ask for more."


- Susanne,  Prospect Heights


"Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you Attila!

And thanks for all the good work you have been doing !

Best wishes for 2016 !"

- Kirsten,  Brooklyn Heights